Cub Scouts program is part of the Boy Scouts of America and worldwide Scouting movement. This program is available for boys from first to fifth grade or age 7 to 11. Once they graduate from Webelos 2, they must join, if desire, one of the local Boy Scouts Troops. Alameda is very fortunate to offer the following options to all Webelos 2 graduated.

Please note Pack 1015 is providing this list with the intent to have a comprehensive list of local Alameda troops and by not means we endorsed any particular troop over the other ones. We believe they are well organized and well run by their leaders.

The spreadsheet provides below is a summary of the different troops that participated during Webelos Woods on October 21st-22nd at the USS Coast Guard Island in Alameda, CA. The spreadsheet is meant to help parents and Webelos 2 choosing their new troop.

Alameda Troops Information as of 10/23/2016