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Pack 1015 Nondiscrimination Policy

Pack 1015 will not deny membership in our program to any youth or adult leader on the basis of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or economic status.

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Pack 1015 is a non-profit organization. The Pack is ran by volunteers and all the proceeds are donated to the community. Please consider donating and helping us reach out to many more people who might be in need.  Pack 1015 develops youth, adults, and families who in turn directly impact their communities. Pack 1015 would like to provide the highest quality programs to our Scouts who in turn will reach out our communities in moment of needs.  Any amount is welcome

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2021 Alameda Calendar

Please help Pack 1015 selling 2021 Calendar. The cost is $25.00 + $5.00 if they have to be shipped out. The Pack will get a donation of $10.00 for each calendar we are able to sale. This is an important event since most of our fundraising activities were cancelled this year due to COVID19. Please note this is a great holiday gift for families and friends.

A little bit about the designer:
The  designer and illustrator  has lived in Alameda since 2012. He and his family live in the East End and his daughter is a 7th grader at Bay Farm middle school.
The calendar cost $25. 

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